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UI options are now in! This long awaited quality of life update allows you to change the position and size of the UI. You can also disable modules you're not interested in using, and change the maximum number of icons for each module to display. Please reach out on Discord if there are additional options you'd like to see added.

There are also some big changes under the hood. The display logic for all the spells has been completely rewritten with a focus on making this project easier to maintain. Spells are now represented by lists of properties, such as the length of their cooldown, whether or not they're instant cast, the class of spells they belong to, and so on. The addon takes these properties and programs the logic for each spell. The immediate impact you'll see with this change are fewer display bugs, but the long term impact is... huge. The affected code was a big pain point both in terms of time spent programming and time spent fixing bugs. It'll be much easier to update the project if and when Blizzard makes major changes to spells, and allows me to entertain the idea of creating versions for other specs.

But, before any of that, there's still more to do! The next major update will bring the Target Frame module.


    • Added position, size, module enable/disable, and max icon options that can be accessed from the game’s Interface panel.
  • HUD
    • Active
      • Bloodlust/Heroism/etc
        • Now displays the correct icon based on the active effect.
      • Psyfiend
        • Changed priority to be lower than Mindbender/Shadowfiend.
    • Rotation (formerly named “Primary”)
      • General
        • Now displays desaturated icons for spells used while the icon is hidden.
      • Dark Ascension
        • Now stays visible when Voidform is inactive, even if Void Eruption can be cast.
      • Dark Void
        • Now displays context icon for Shadow Word: Pain.
      • Shadow Word: Void
        • Now hides in the correct situations.
      • Shadow Word: Pain
        • Now hides when Dark Void can be cast.
    • Situational (formerly named “Secondary”)
      • Fade
        • Now only displays if you’re in a group.