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TheEye awakens...

...but gradually.

The current version, 0.7.0, is in alpha. This means that there are features missing and plenty of bugs to go around. When finished, it'll look something like the original WeakAura version. By participating in alpha testing, you'll help shape the future of TheEye. If you have thoughts to share, consider joining the Discord server.

TheEye is designed to be modular, meaning that you'll be able to choose what features you want to use. Right now development is focused on getting effect modules implemented. Other features and modules will follow with continued development.

Please note that addons that are in alpha do not get synced with the Twitch addon manager. You will have to download and update files manually as new versions are released. Once the addon is in beta, files will sync with the Twitch addon manager. If you want to be alerted of updates, join the Discord server.

HUD: Active: important buffs and abilities that are currently active
HUD: Cooldown: abilities that are on a moderate/long cooldown (20+ seconds)
HUD: Rotation: cast priority suggestions; considers the number of enemies near your target
HUD: Situational: available but less used abilities
HUD: Target Action: target cast bar with interrupt suggestions
HUD: Target Frame: target name, health percent, dot status, and raid icon

EFFECTS: Target Frame
EFFECTS: Spell Effects
EFFECTS: Voidform
EFFECTS: Target Death

There's a lot of work to do. I fully intend to support TheEye into the future, so I'm taking the time I need to get it right. Your feedback and patience is appreciated.

Yours in C'Thun,




What's the priority rank for spells in the HUD: Rotation module? (Have suggestions? Visit Discord!)

  1. Shadowform
  2. Void Eruption/Dark Ascension
  3. Void Bolt
  4. Shadow Word: Death (2 charges, 1-5 enemies)
  5. Shadowfiend/Mindbender (6+ Voidform stacks)
  6. Psyfiend
  7. Dark Void (3+ enemies)
  8. Shadow Crash (3+ enemies)
  9. Mind Blast (1-4 enemies)/Shadow Word: Void (1-5 enemies)
  10. Shadow Word: Death (1 charge, 1-5 enemies)
  11. Dark Void (1-2 enemies)
  12. Shadow Crash (1-2 enemies)
  13. Void Torrent (1-4 enemies)
  14. Shadow Word: Pain
  15. Vampiric Touch
  16. Mind Flay (1 enemie)/Mind Sear (2+ enemies)


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