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Changelog (old)

Version History


  • Updated TOC version

A note about development of the addon: the addon is in "maintenance release" mode for the time being, meaning that I'll fix bugs that get submitted, but it's unlikely that big new features will be added in the near future. If anyone is interested in getting involved in development of the addon, please feel free to send me a PM!

1.3 (last stable 1.3)

New Features:

  • Updated the appearance of the addon when showing target-of-target buttons.
  • Added an option to hide the header bar until you mouse over it (enabled by default). However, the header bar will automatically un-hide when there are no targeting buttons being shown, so you don't loose track of where the addon is on the screen.
  • Buttons associated with friendly or hostile targets can now be colored based on the character's class.
  • You can show the percentage health for friendly or hostile targets.

Squashed Bugs:

  • Changes to the appearance of the header bar should now apply immediately (and not lead to abandoned UI elements floating around).
  • Added an option (enabled by default) that will remove tanks and mainassists that were picked up automatically if those targets disappear from the MT/MA lists when the roster updates. There are edge cases where this can lead to unexpected results: if you have manually added a tank, which is also picked up on a MT list and then subsequently removed from the MT list, the tank (originally added by you manually) will disappear from your assist list. If this bugs you, disable this new option on the features panel.

Deprecated Settings:

  • Width of the targeting buttons is now set explicitly and the header bar sized accordingly (as opposed to the inverse in previous versions). However, the addon now includes logic for automatically migrating settings from previous versions of the configuration database, so the change over should happen automatically whenever you load a profile for the first time.

1.2 (last stable 1.2.2)

New Features:

  • Improved key binding support for assist, assist target, and assist target of target frames. This feature is now implemented using LibKeyBound, which should be familiar to anyone who has used Bartender4 or other popular Ace mods. The new implementation allows you to map key bindings to any number of buttons. To set bindings open the configuration panel and click the "Targeting Keybinds" button or use the /kb chat command.
  • A key binding has been added which will clear all current assists (this can be set through built-in key bindings panel).
  • The configuration panels have been updated to try to make options easier to find (usability feedback welcome).

Squashed Bugs:

  • Changes in configuration, the group roster, and showing/hiding the add-on should be much smoother visually (no more button flickering and blinking), even at slow update intervals
  • The add-on now correctly updates when your pet changes or the pets of your party/raid members change
  • Targeting key bindings should continue to work even after configuration changes and updates to the group roster (previously odd behaviors occurred until the UI was reloaded)
  • Changes to the header appearance should now correctly apply immediately without a UI reload

Deprecated Settings:

  • Any previously set targeting key bindings will need to be reconfigured using the new interface (use the chat command /kb)

1.1 (last stable 1.1.2)

New Features:

  • Added an option to show target of target (see "Optional Features" on the configuration panel)
  • Added support for using pets as MAs/MTs. Enable "Show Pets" in the "Optional Features" section of the configuration panel. Uncheck "Hide addon when not in group" in the "Button Header" section to use your pet as a MA when playing solo.
  • Added a variety of chat window slash commands. See /targetAssist or /ta for details.
  • Added a number of key bindings for the add-on. See the built-in Keybindings window for details.
  • Added options to add your current target as an MA. You can do this through the header bar context menu, with the "/ta add target" slash command, or new keybinds. Add arbitrary party/raid members with the "/ta add player NAME" command (where NAME is the name of the player).
  • You can now have button rows grow upwards from the header bar instead of downwards. Select "Advance buttons upwards" in the "Fonts & Styles" section of the configuration panel.
  • Added options to track not only the most popular hostile target, but also the most popular friendly target, and options to show counters summarizing the number of raid/party members targeting each.
  • Added support for Clique casting and pulling tanks from oRA2 and oRA3.

Squashed Bugs:

  • When in a raid the add-on should now correctly update with new MA's and MT's set by raid leaders through the Blizzard user interface, /mainassist or /maintank commands, or with oRA2. Please file a ticket if you are still having problems with this feature.

Deprecated Settings:

  • If you changed the vertical spacing setting for target buttons, your settings will have reverted to the defaults.

1.0 (last stable 1.0)


  • Initial release to gage interest and solicit feature requests