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Filename TalentSetManager-v1.2.4-2-g65ba51d-alpha.zip
Uploaded by Saregon
Uploaded Jul 21, 2017
Game Version 7.2.5
Size 121.69 KB
Downloads 37
MD5 f1814df044b1a71f9b6c95fc5e7fd693
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Changes since tag v1.2.4

commit 65ba51d708dbc1131e165c1d91c3b97d79692bce
Author: Saregon <n_rhygar@yahoo.it>
Date:   Fri Jul 21 20:31:47 2017 +0200

    try to get the latest version of the icons library from the repository (attempt #2)

commit a48576ecc648ebfd9d9d033c5124a9302e3f10a9
Author: Saregon <n_rhygar@yahoo.it>
Date:   Fri Jul 21 19:43:51 2017 +0200

    add quick talent set seleciton mode (right-click on the Talent Set Manager tab icon)

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