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From the maker of Talent Tree Tweaks, a frequently requested feature: Talent Loadout Manager

Blizzard in their wisdom decided that there should be a limit of 10 loadouts per character. If you're one of the people who don't like that, this addon is for you!
Create, use, and manage, as many custom loadouts as you want!

Custom loadouts are connected to blizzard loadouts, this way, you can use blizzard loadouts for action bar setups, while still having as many loadouts as you could ever want! This is unlike most other addons, which simply overwrite whatever blizzard loadout you happen to have active at the time, or even tell you to delete all your loadouts first. You can try out this addon, without risking losing any data :)

Custom loadouts are stored in the addon's settings, so deleting the addon, or switching computers (without syncing the settings), means you won't have access to your custom loadouts. The blizzard loadouts will still work properly, though!

Leveling builds

You can import a leveling build from Icy-Veins, or create them yourself with Talent Tree Viewer. When applying a talent build with leveling info, you will learn the talents in the correct order whenever possible!

Talent Tree Viewer

This addon is fully integrated into Talent Tree Viewer, and allows you to view and customize your loadouts from any character

Talent Tree Tweaks - mini tree preview

When Talent Tree Tweaks is installed (and the mini tree module is enabled), a mini talent tree preview is added to the tooltip when hovering over any loadouts.

Current features:

  • Creating more than 10 loadouts
    • Create custom loadouts based on your current talent choices
    • Create custom loadouts from an import string (through e.g. inspecting, or Talent Tree Viewer, or from websites). You can also import into existing custom loadouts.
    • Copy blizzard loadouts from other characters
  • Leveling builds
  • Managing your loadouts
    • Freely switch between custom loadouts and blizzard loadouts
    • Right-click your loadout, and press "Save current talents into loadout" to update your loadout, or simply press the Save button to update your active loadout
    • Delete custom and blizzard loadouts
    • Rename custom and blizzard loadouts
  • Sharing loadouts
    • Shift-click custom and blizzard loadouts to link them in chat, or export them to easily share outside the game
    • Share custom loadouts between different characters of the same spec (account-wide loadouts)
  • Integration with other addons
    • Open any (custom or blizzard) loadout into Talent Tree Viewer directly
    • Fully integrated with Talent Tree Viewer, with its own sidebar, and powerful loadout management tools
    • Integrated with Talent Loadout Broker for easier loadout switching; other addons can use the public API to do the same
    • Integrated with BlizzMove, allowing you to move and detach the sidebar in an intuitive manner (you can also use the collapse and expand buttons, to hide the sidebar, or move the sidebar to the other side of the screen)
    • Integrated with the SimulationCraft addon, adding all of your loadouts to its output

Planned features:

  • Improve the loadout switching process → possibly removing the need to sometimes have 2 "switching talents" casts
  • Convert custom loadout to blizzard loadout (maybe)
  • A macro to switch to a specific custom loadout by name or Loadout ID

Feel free to share your own ideas

Not planned:

I want to focus on talent trees, and that's it. I'm not planning to create loadouts for action bars, gear outfits, automated macro changes, etc, etc


Screenshot of the entire Talent UI: (you can collapse the sidebar by clicking the little arrow button)