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Warlock Summon Helper for wow classic inspired by Consequence-Summons


- only turns on for warlocks

- auto invite based on keywords: 123, 1, inv, summon plz, summon, sum, summ

- zone based auto invite keywords: bay/booty/stranglethorn/vale if you're in booty bay

- accepts auto invite keywords from guild chat, when you have multiple summon groups

- summoning frame (from consequence) will add people that use the keywords, clicking their name summons them, if someone is in 30 yards they will be removed

- guild spam sent on login for levels 20 - 44 or by using /ssum guild

    whisper or gchat for summon to Booty Bay/Stranglethorn Vale: bay/bb/booty/bootybay/stranglethorn/stv/vale

- option to change summon message: /ssum message summoning %t, clicky

- command to invite nearby summoning clickers from the warlock: /ssum clickinv

    this should also make sure that the summoner is the party lead/raid assist and reform the group if anything is off

    the clickers will need this addon enabled and be level 5 or lower