SteaSummon Fixed

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NEW!!! Fixed for 1.4.1 Classic Era and SOM


One button summoning, shared summoning list...

This Button


Click one button to summon the next raider on the priority based list. Just keep clicking, nothing to read, nothing else to do. If you want to summon further down the list, you can do that too. If you don't like to click, make a key bind. List all done? The button goes away, or the whole window depending on your config. Not a Warlock? Make your warlocks get it too, and you can start the summon list before they ever log on.

It gets pretty minimal


Features a minimal interface that gets out of your way while providing simple, easy, summoning for your whole raid. Warlocks who have the addon share the same summon list with status updates to drive the one button summoning. Raiders also have the benefit of seeing their place on the summon list while helping to keep the list alive.

It really does have a list


Constant status updates distributed to the raid keeps the list current and informative. Know at a glance which raiders have requested summons, which have a summon on its way, which have a successful summon awaiting acceptance, who's dead, who's offline, who has world buffs... Strong, durable network code ensures that all raiders have the current list, the same list, in the same order, with the same people on it. Logged on half way through the raid summon? Your list is the raid list, with all the status intact.


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