Stat Weights Classic

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Stat Weights Classic allows you to see insightful information about your abilities based on your own equipment, set bonuses, talents and buffs or a custom loadout. The addon is intended for players looking to understand which ranks of abilities to use and how to itemize their characters optimally. To interact with the addon, type /sw

Ability information is always up to date with your selected loadout (gear/talents/buffs/target buffs).


  • Caster classes supported: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Paladin
  • Infinite spam cast fight type
  • Race to the bottom fight type (casting until OOM)
  • Metrics for each fight type such as stat weights, dps, etc...
  • Ability icon overlay numbers
  • Control which metrics you see through /sw settings
  • Customizable static/dynamic loadouts (talents, self and target (de)buffs) to fit the scenario you want to optimize for


My recommendation is to generally use the default loadout. It is dynamic, meaning it always uses your current character's state. In addition, it looks through yours and your target's buffs/debuffs and applies them only if active, e.g. Winter's Chill. For further theorycrafting, you could make a new loadout, check "Apply buffs ALWAYS", and select only the buffs you want to have. You can customize your talents via a Wowhead's talent calculator tool and paste it into your loadout, however this will make your loadout static. Please note that whenever a loadout is changed from dynamic to static, your current equipment and active set bonuses are snapshot and will not be changed as long as the loadout remains static. So if you want to, for example, use your fire gear to see what a mage fire spec would look like, equip it, then change from dynamic loadout to static. From there it will use your snapshotted fire gear and you can change your talents/buffs/etc.

 An example use case for the stat comparison tool

To open the stat comparison window, type /sw stat. Hold shift and hover over abilities in order to add them to the comparison.

Let's assume we're a mage using Netherwind Leggings (tier 2), giving, 27 intellect, 1% crit and 30 spell power and we want to know if Bloodvine Leggings (6 intellect, 1% hit, 37 spell power) is an upgrade.

Since we already have T2 equipped, we negate its stats in the comparison (the stats we're losing) and add the stats for Bloodvine Leggings (the stats we're gaining). As you can see from the tool, Bloodvine Leggings result in a 0.67% upgrade for Frostbolt Rank 10 with a fully buffed loadout.

 Ability icon overlay

The following action bar frames should work with the icon overlay data

  •     Default Blizzard frames
  •     Bartender4
  •     Dominos
  •     ElvUI

These action bar frames have been tested with default settings. If you have changed how your action bar addon maps Blizzard's Actions to your action frames you may experience problems with overlays showing (or not) up at wrong places. If so, you can revert those changes or disable ability icon overlays through the settings.

You can make a feature request at Github if you have another action bar addon not supported.


The best way to request features, report errors, problems or believe a spell tooltip is wrong is through Github Issues.

It will help for me to look into the problem if you write the following into wow chat

    /script __sw__debug__ = 1

 Having done this,  as you hover over spells additional information will be in the tooltip and will help me look into the problem.

You can also print out data for your loadout with

    /sw print




If you like the addon, feel free to share it to friends or your guild.


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