Stat Weights Classic

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Note: If you see wrong spell info, it probably won't get fixed unless reported.


  • See insightful information about your abilities based on your own equipment, set bonuses, talents and buffs or a custom loadout.
  • Control which metrics you see through /swc settings
  • Caster classes supported: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Paladin
  • Fight types: Repeated casts, casts until OOM.
  • Configurable ability icon overlay numbers.
  • Customize your loadout's talents & runes/glyphs using Wowhead's talent calculator url link: VANILLA WOTLK.
  • Using "Apply buffs even when inactive" forces buffs even when not active, allowing you to see what your abilities look like in a raid setup while in town.
  • Arithmetic capable stat calculator for abilities through /swc stat, observable in tooltip and overlay calculations.


  • Without a hostile target, the default loadout assumes a boss of level +3 above yours. This can be changed in /swc loadout. For PVP & leveling you might want this level difference at 0. SoD raid bosses at non-end game appear to be level +2 the current maximum.
  • Target resistance can be modified under /swc loadout.
  • Vanilla resistance damage reduction is calculated according to https://royalgiraffe.github.io/resist-guide. Notably: 1) PVE targets receive ~2%DR worth of impenetrable resistances per level difference, 2) Average mitigated damage by resists actually cap at about 69% as opposed to 75%, 3) Some dots ignore 90% of the target's resistance, 4) Resistance penalty of binary spells is reflected through its hit chance.


  • This is not a simulation tool! Damage, healing and stat weights are computed on a per ability basis using probabilistic expectation, taking into account various effects that reasonable enough (e.g. Nature's Grace, Illumination, Clearcast talents etc) according to your loadout configuration.
  • The stat weights were quite meaningful in vanilla with single button rotations, but less so in WOTLK. You should use a simulation tool to optimize your stats.
  • Attack Power based abilities are not supported.

 Ability icon overlay

The following action bar frames should work with the icon overlays

  •     Default Blizzard frames
  •     Bartender4
  •     Dominos
  •     ElvUI

You can make a feature request at Github if you have another action bar addon not supported.


If the addon misbehaves terribly, hard reset the addon for an individual character by typing into wow chat:

/swc reset

If you have issues or suggestions, the best way would be through Github issues.