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  • Released v2.0.3 10-18-2014

About SPGauge
Currently only works for spellpower until I release v2.1
(This will be soon)

SPGauge is a lightweight stat monitor (About 13kb ingame) and display utility for combat. The gauge uses an auto gauge feature to set the values of high and low for you by default. It also allows you to disable auto gauging and set a minimum and maximum manually. The result is a "speedometer" like effect that will let you see just how "high" or low your given stat is at any time.

For use with abilities which you only want to use when stat is maxed out
E.X. Mage combustion



  • New Options Menu Added For Easy Configuration Without Slash Commands!
  • Added a new scaling feature: Set the size of the gauge in the options menu to find a better fit on your UI.
  • Default values should be set correctly now upon first addon load.
  • Also made improvements to auto gauging logic, still not perfect but getting there.

Getting Started

On first login
Values for low and high are set to their defaults so

Enter the configuartion menu using the command /spg
Unlock the frame and move it to where you want.
Select settings for auto gauging, statelock and high and low variables.
Select scale

Close the options menu and enjoy!

Future Plans
v2.0 - Make stat selection variable so user can choose between things like
haste, crit, maybe even melee stats or health/mana

v3.0 - First cloneable meter, so you can have multiple stats monitored on
the screen at any given time. Smooth out animations to the needle doesn't just snap to place.

Please post any requests/bugs you might have

Slash Commands
All configuration is done in game through the options menu
-To bring up the options menu through slash commands type

-Toggles auto gauging

-Sets low value range of spellpower replace x with number
/spgl x

-Sets high value range of spellpower replace x with number
/spgh x

-Shows the addon frame

-Hides the addon frame

-Toggle permanent hide or show ability

-Locks frame and makes frame click throughable

-Unlocks frame and makes it so you can move it where you like

Support/Discussion Thread