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Instantaneous Autoloot AddOn that uses your UI loot settings with additional functionality.

How it works

  • Loots all items as fast as possible, bag checks ensure loot logic will not execute for an Item if it can not be looted to avoid disconnects.
  • Loot Window hidden (Default UI, ElvUI) while auto-loot is enabled for a interrupt free experience, except when manually looting, Inventory is full or if Item can't be looted.


  • Workaround for TSM Destroy to work with fast looting.
  • Enable Auto Loot on all Characters automatically (Default off)
  • Play a Sound if your Inventory is full for increased attention (Default off)
  • Set the Sound that plays when your inventory is full (via SoundID)

Type /sal or /speedyautoloot to toggle settings.

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