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Uploaded Aug 12, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 cbc9e985fab9bc3502b1a76ec528ea00
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5.2.0-Beta2-55-g534788a (2019-08-13)

Full Changelog

  • Disable Bartender4 StatusTrackingBar
  • Bugfix: Artwork SetupWizard steps errors if you spam continue button
  • TOC Bump
  • Bugfix: WoW Sandbox XP being infinite
  • New bartender xp bar module disablement
  • Nameplates: element enable state live updates & Health can now be turned off
  • Combatlog formatting
  • Bugfix: Setup Wizard not skipping disabled modules properly
  • Bugfix: /suihelp > Run Setup wizard button was not updated for 5.0
  • Classic Bug: Don't track Prayer of mending for Transparent and Minimal
    Yay fragmented unitframes!
  • Classic bug: Dont attempt to track Prayer of Mending
  • packager SpartanUI Classic wow interface update
  • Classic: Pet Happiness
  • Classic: Minimap Game Time fades out with other buttons
  • Classic code cleanup
  • Autoturnin: Classic bug fixes
  • AutoSell: Classic updates & classic ilvl adjustment
  • Packager updates for Classic and Retail in one
  • TOC updated
  • Merge branch 'feature/classic' into develop
  • Got all the skins basic functionality working.
  • Setup wizard image fix
  • Fixes tooltip flicker
  • Added vendor prices to tooltip in classic
  • Merge branch 'feature/classic' into develop
  • nameplate and objective tracker cleanup
  • Fix xp bar re-appearing
  • 8.8 Stress test War style functioning again.
  • Merge branch 'develop' into feature/classic
  • Heal Prediction fat finger bug fix
  • Vehicle and Frame extras disabled for all skins.
  • Heal prediction removal from all frames
  • Classic TOC Change
  • SetSize misstype bug fix
  • Convert packager to custom packager
  • Enable Alpha Builds
  • Classic Updates
  • oUF file rename
  • SUF support added to oUF plugins
  • Removed legacy movable frames addin
  • oUF to SUF conversion
  • Rename oUF calls from SpartanoUF to SUIUF
  • Status bar coloring for #167
  • Autosell fix for Classic
  • Classic updates to Combat Logger
  • WoW Classic initial bug fix pass
  • Fixed an issue with mix frames
    If running War party or raid frames and non-war player frames images were not defined.
  • extra files from image conversion
  • Image converstion
  • #167 - 3D portrait tweaks
  • Setup Wizard cleanup
  • Wording cleanup
  • Merge branch 'feature/InterruptAnnouncer' into develop
  • Interrupt added to loader
  • AceEvent fix

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