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Track spells you choose and show them when USABLE or BOOSTED.

USABLE = not on cooldown,enough power,in range,can be used,not buffed by same spell etc..

BOOSTED = if spell is glowing on action bar (see image what is boosted spell)

- Up to 9 bars for each spec.

- Set position,transparency,columns,visibility in rest zone and scale for each bar.

- BOOSTED actions glow same as on action bars.

-  If you can't see spell you want track in SmartBars window, make sure you have this spell in action bars. (not macro)



1)Type /sb

2)Select actions you want to track.

3)Add more bars and adjust settings. (optional)


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LATEST VERSION - CurseForge - SmartBars
CONTACT - Discord Website .


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