Druid Cats can now use Slicer to display "Feral Roar" like Rogue S&D!

Also added Rip .. Turn that off in Options if not needed


Small Plugin with Important infos for Sword Rogues

- Slice & Dice uptime

- Combo Points on current Target

- Player Health

- Player Energy

- AdrenalinRush & BladeFlurry Symbol if Skill Available

- AdrenalinRush & BladFlurry are movable individually

- Expose Armor on Target (Switch off in Options if not wanted)



/sli for help

/rl to reload ui

/sli show :  Show Slicer Frame

/sli hide : Hide Slicer Frame

/sli options : Toggle Options dialog


The Frame will be shown after loading you can move with mouse. After first Combat it will only show up while in Combat.

 Options are Available by Right Clicking on SlicerTNG oder via /sli options


Now Translated to Russian Powered by: hubbotu ! Thank you, hubbotu!





- Toggle Cooldown infos.


Known Issue:



Any Suggestions -> Let me know!