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SinStats is an advanced stats addon made for
Classic, Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Dragonflight that displays a large range of stats updated in real-time on a highly customizable frame that can be placed anywhere on your screen.

SinLive™ stats are dynamic stats that react to your current target. These stats will scale, and their values will be updated based on the level of your target and the debuffs that are applied to it.

If your target is affected by Hunter’s Mark and Winter’s Chill, your Attack Power and Spell Crit stats will be affected accordingly. Click on any stat on the Settings Panel to get more info. SinLive™ stats will be indicated in the description below stats.

Most stats are highly configurable with the Extended Options, allowing you to display your stats in many different ways with the most precision.

A number of abilities, talents, enchants, consumables, tier set bonuses, racials, procs, buffs and world buffs have been manually added and used to provide an unmatched accuracy. The HUD was designed to reflect your actual numbers in real-time, as they are at any moment during combat (or outside of combat!).

Includes Critical Cap, Critical against Bosses, Avoidance, Armor Penetration, Boss Armor and much more!

Open Settings: Simply use the Minimap button or type /sinstats or /ss

Q: What versions of WoW is SinStats compatible with?

A: SinStats currently supports all WoW versions, including Classic, Wrath of the Lich King and Dragonflight.

Q: How do I configure my stats ?
A: Simply type **/sinstats** or **/ss** in the game to open the menu. You can also open the settings by clicking on the **minimap button**.

Q: Some of my stats text is truncated (...)
A: Settings -> Display -> Spacing & Alignment -> Adjust the Text string width slider

Q: How to display my stats in columns or rows
Settings -> Layout: Create columns by selecting a checkbox next to a stat. The selected stat will be the top of the new column. You can also use Row Presets to quickly create rows

Q: How to display my stats in one single row
Settings -> Layout: Click 1 in Row Presets or do it manually by activating all the checkboxes next to stats

Q: How can I enable stats in-combat only?

A: Under Settings -> Events, you can now set your stats HUD to only appear during specific events, such as in combat, in raids, etc.

Q: My stats are overlapping/hidden under some UI frames
A: Under Settings -> General -> Frame strata, change the level of layer that your stats will be on