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Simple Dungeon List



  • Simple list with all dungeons (and raids)
  • Colored rows depending on your character level and the last boss level (or your level and dungeon level average)
  • Include/exclude information on each row: minimum level to enter, level range, dungeon abbreviation, and last boss level information for each dungeon
  • Changeable row colors, font size & family
  • Debug options where you can change the current level and see the list update depending on what you choose (don't forget to turn on debug mode!)  

Slash commands

  • /sdl: Show/hide the window
  • /sdl about: Show information about the addon
  • /sdl config: Show addon config menu
  • /sdl help: Show addon help
  • /sdl minimap: Show/hide the minimap icon
  • /sdl reset: Resets addon's settings  

Bugs & issues

Please report issues at the project GitLab repository located here.