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A simple addon to estimate success chances for Covenant missions based on combined unit strength of ally & enemy teams.

Disclaimer: The logic used to gauge the success chances is unproven.
It deliberately doesn't attempt to factor in friendly/enemy unit abilities and is intended more as a rough guideline to warn you when you likely have no chance of success with your current units for a given mission.

Languages supported:

  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified) - Azpilicuet@CN主宰之剑
  • Chinese (Traditional) - BNS (三皈依 - 暗影之月)@miliui, arranged by Azpilicuet@CN主宰之剑
  • French - JEUD
  • German - Aurantea@SteamwheedleCartelEU
  • Italian - zemaree@github
  • Korean - killberos
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Mufasto
  • Russian - Hubbotu
  • Spanish - Araxieel
  • Spanish (Latin American) - bakadeshisho