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Uploaded Jun 18, 2020
Game Version 8.3.0
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[*] Fixed SumAucBuyouts.
[*] Updated Chinese and Taiwan locales.
[*] Fixed actionbar when disabled grid.
[*] Added new option "Auto reposition raid frame", enabled by default.
[*] Removed OneClickBuyOut, can't work with new AH frame.
[*] Fixed class color name for PVPMatchResults.
[*] Renamed "Smooth" => "Smooth!" texture.
[*] Added skin for "Details".
[*] Use global cooldown spell id for GCD module.
[*] Show correct font size for high resolution in options.
[*] Added new option "Player and Target width".
[*] Fixed DBM tab position.
[*] Updated settings for BigWigs skin.
[*] Changed phase icon position for RaidDPS layout
[*] Resort some options.
[*] Some cleanup, changes and fixes.