Stone Guard Danger Announce

155 Downloads Game Version: 5.1.0

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

When dealing with the stone guardians you can choose to use the switch method or you can choose to pack the three guardians with the correct offset power so they overload in a regular way.

In this last event, this addon will let you know if the next overloading boss will deal damage (meaning it is not petrifying) or not and therefore be ready to cast your Raid cooldowns more efficiently.

Functionalities :

  • Display message in message frame about next boss danger
  • Display message on raid warning channel (requires Raid Asssist or Raid Lead)

Configuration options:

  • Lock / unlock the window to move it around
  • display or not the messages in the raid warning channel

Slash commands:

  • /help : display list of commands and their use
  • /rw : toggle raid warning messages (similar to configuration option)
  • /lock : Lock the message frame so it can't be move using the mouse.
  • /unlock : unlock the message frame.
  • /config : forwards you to the configuration page

This is my first addon and may not be of use to many but if you find it usefull or have any idea to improve, please let me know.


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