ScreenPlus is an advanced tool to take screen captures.

Its configuration interface allows you to choose which names to display during a screen capture: players, NPCs or pets.

Possibility to display a large or a small legend on screenshots with different options.

In addition, ScreenPlus allows you to enter 'camera' mode by hiding the main interface, before taking a screenshot.
In this mode, audio and text alerts can signal the receipt of a message, which allows you to be informed when the main interface is hidden.

With a single "snapshot" key, ScreenPlus performs the following sequence:
    - show or hides user-defined names
    - displays a caption with shooting informations
    - takes a screen capture
    - restores settings and shows again the main WoW interface

Other features
    - ouput screenshot file can be modified: format and JPEG quality from 1 (low quality, light file size) to 10 (best quality, heavy file size).
    - increase of the maximum camera distance

Useful macro
As ScreenPlus can no longer hide the target selection, this can be done with this simple macro:
    /screenplus shoot

Development note
    - some special frames - those who are not child of the main WoW UI - introduced by addons cann't be hidden during snapshot.
    - due to the very short duration of screen capture, chat bubbles and combat texts can't be handled.
    - entering or leaving 'camera' mode is not possible while in combat.