Scrap (Junk Seller)

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Uploaded by jaliborc
Uploaded Jul 26, 2009
Game Version 3.1.0
Size 8.56 KB
Downloads 101
MD5 8bfbfd129b566afc38b2c47e0e5261f9
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Beta 4.1

  • Updated TOC for 3.1

Beta 4

  • Updated for 3.0.2
  • Scrap now prints how much you profit by selling your junk when you visit the merchant
  • Fixed a bug causing the buttons to not be correctly placed after using the 'Buypack' tab
  • Scrap no longer has a 'module API'. Combuctor Scrap and Baggins Scrap now 'hook' Scrap to work properly.
  • Combuctor Scrap and Baggins Scrap are now separate downloads
  • Before you start asking, this is still not the version which includes the library I've been working for the last year. That will be a closed beta.

Beta 3

  • All: Code improvements
  • Added: Baggins Scrap and Combuctor Scrap

Beta 2

  • Core: Fixed a bug causing an error message when trying to drag a spell to the Scrap button
  • Options: Current profile is now checked instead of disabled in the "Set Profile" option

Beta 1

  • Initial Release