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RXP Achievement Guides


RestedXP Achievement Guides

The guides in this addon require RestedXP's base addon. RestedXP's base addon is FREE to download.


The guides in this addon are intended for WotLK Classic only.

Holiday Achievement Title Faction
Lunar Festival To Honor One's Elders Elder Alliance
Love is in the Air    Fool For Love the Love Fool Alliance
Noblegarden Noble Gardener the Noble Alliance
Children's Week For The Children Matron or Patron    Alliance   
Midsummer The Flame Warden Flame Warden Alliance
Hallow's End Hallowed Be Thy Name    the Hallowed Alliance
Pilgrim's Bounty Pilgrim the Pilgrim Alliance
Winter Veil Merrymaker Merrymaker Alliance



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Information on creating your own custom RXP guide is available on restedxp.com.


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