Rune Reminder (Engraving Widget, Rune Sets, and Notifications for Runes, Season of Discovery, SoD)

Designed for Season of Discovery, Rune Reminder provides a highly configurable solution to a couple annoyances with the new Runes system. Create Rune Sets and effortlessly switch runes with our Quick Swap Widget, and stay on top of rune changes with Notifications to aid in your leveling/gearing journey! 

Updated for Phase 2! 
Future Runes
NOTE: With the recent update, a few of the new QOL scrolls & books were displaying as Rune Engravings (such as Shadowfiend for Priest, and Aspect of the Viper for Hunters). This is because they ARE in the game files/API as engravings, even though they appear to not be used. I've uploaded a fix to remove/hide those two (v 1.0.2), but please let me know if you encounter any others like this that are showing as runes and should not be.


  • Tracking of currently learned and engraved runes
  • Notifications (and one click re-application) when a rune is removed or changed
  • See engraved runes at a glance, and easily swap them without using the character window  
  • Configuration options for numerous customizations, both cosmetically and functionally 
  • Show or Hide Slots and Runes you haven't discovered yet, and customize which individual slots display
  • Control over the standard character engraving panel (force it to stay closed, or remember it's previous state)
  • Rune Sets - Save & Load full sets of Runes (detects and auto-queues different runes to a single button, 1 click per rune that's updating)
  • Simple Drag & Drop + fine tuning buttons in options for more precise positioning
  • Settings Profiles  - Apply Character specific settings, or use a Shared Profile
  • Masque Support - Use your favorite skins and styles*
  • Cooldown timers (optional) 

When a rune change is detected (if notifications are enabled), you will be notified with an option to re-apply:
Missing rune

The widget displays your engraved runes, and enables quick swapping without needing to use the character screen:
Display Runes Widget
Customize the widget

Customize the widgets size, display location, rotation, and direction of runes to fit your interface: 

Optional Rune Slot Labels:

Stylize further with Masque: 

Rune Sets:
Rune Sets 

New Rune Slots get added as you find them, or choose which display:

Options Panel: 

How to use:

  • Shift Click widget (or type /rr options) to open the Options Panel. Here you can configure the notifications and runes widget to best fit your preferences.
  • Left Click + Drag the anchor to position the Runes Widget. Ctrl+Click will lock/unlock it, and Right Click will hide the anchor.
  • Clicking on a gear slot expands the runes for that slot. Right clicking toggle expand/collapses all slots. 
  • Select a rune to apply it to the appropriate equipment slot, no need to open the character window or confirm which item.
  • Left Click the Rune Sets button to Save or Load Rune Sets (auto-queues runes, 1 click per rune that's updating).  Alt Click to Delete Rune Sets. Right Click to expand/collapse Rune Slots.


* With Masque, currently only square skins are supported, and you also may need to adjust scale in Masque and/or button padding in RR for some skins. I hope to get this working with all/most others in the near future, but ran into some weird issues and it's lower on my priority list than some of the more functional features I'd like to incorporate/enhance. 

Please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions! Hope you enjoy, thanks for checking it out :) 

Here's my ko-fi for anyone that would like to show support - never expected but always appreciated <3