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Default Engraving Frame improvements

  • Slimmer Rune Buttons (less / no scrolling)
  • Right-Click quick-apply (no confirmation popup)
  • Detachable / Movable
  • Open from Minimap/Panel button, or with /runeme command
  • Highlight applied Runes

 Engraving Frame +

Rune Sets Extension

  • Collapsible RuneSets Frame
  • Drag and drop runes to save them to Sets
  • One click (per Rune) apply of Set
  • Macro command /runeme N to apply Nth saved set (number or setname)
  • Keybind up to 8 sets
  • Configure linked status (solo/dungeon/raid/pvp etc)
  • Link runeset to ItemRack Classic or Equipmate itemsets
  • Minimap/Panel dropdown to apply sets.
  • Load a preconfigured Set or auto-show the Engraving Frame when equipping a non-Engraved item

 Creating Sets

tags: Engraving, SoD, Runeset, Runesets