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Efficient addon which aims to add some quality of life features and visual improvements to the DragonFlight UI, without creating lots of new frames and messing up how it works. All elements are movable/configurable through the new UI edit mode and other standard game settings.

Key features:

  • Simpler, darker appearance for Action Bars and other UI elements.
  • Adds the option for 3D portraits within Dragonflight's unit frames (Player, Target, etc)
  • Enhances the default nameplates with various quality of life options, plus adds a nicer texture that fits more with the new Dragonflight UI.
  • Enhances the look and feel of tooltips in the game.
  • Anchors tooltips to your cursor when out of combat, otherwise putting them in the usual bottom corner spot.
  • Optionally show a small icon for your loot spec in your player frame, so you don't accidentally loot the Great Vault or your mog run boss in the wrong spec.
  • Comes with fonts that make the game feel a bit less robotic and more fun, including a much cooler damage font.
  • Allows customisation of some nameplate options, such as showing level, abbreviating NPC names, and class colouring the name text of friendly players.
  • Allows hiding Alt Power if you wish (Warlock soul shards, combo points, and etc). I prefer using a WeakAura for them.
  • Some quality of life improvements for PvP, such as tab targeting only choosing players when in arenas and BGs, a timer for your arena queue, and a display of the dampening %.
  • Join timer for LFG dungeons for levelling your alts or if you gear in heroics.
  • If you're a Mythic+ player, it will put your keystone in for you automatically.
  • Configure UI elements the way you're used to from using the default UI. All Dragonflight UI options should work with no issues.
  • Everything is global, so no need to reconfigure for every single character you log into, or even other servers.
  • Contains a matching theme for sArena
  • Provides bar textures and fonts used in lib shared media so you can use them in other addons for a more consistent feel.



Recommended Retail Addons to pair (feel free to use others):


Details! (Damage/healing/etc meter)

sArena (Improved frames for arena)




Recommended Classic Addons:



Threat Plates





Leatrix Maps

Leatrix Plus (mostly for moving default frames globally)


A thanks to many addons for inspiring this and making coding this a lot easier by providing a good base for some of the improvements, textures and etc. I will mention those addons by name below.


- SUI (https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24007-SUI.html)
- MiirGUI (https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info20541-MiirGuiIconPackBlue.html)
- Shadowed Unit Frames (https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13494-ShadowedUnitFrames.html)
- Flat Player Icons (https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24101-FlatPlayerIcons.html)
- SimpleItemLevel
- DampeningDisplay