Revival Tracker

2,294 Downloads Game Version: 6.1.0

This is an addon for Mistweaver Monks which displays a frame with information about your Revival spell efficiency.

On the top, it shows when Revival is ready to be cast, the cooldown if it's on cooldown, and it's idle time since combat has started(useful for seeing how long you hesitate using it). The idle time is shown with a leading "+" sign, telling you how long Revival has been ready to use since the start of combat or since it came off cooldown.

In the center, it shows a percentage of how efficient your Revival would be if you cast it right now. It takes into account the estimated healing from Revival, the number of party/raid members and how much health each member is missing.

On the bottom, it shows total estimated healing, factoring in all party or raid member's missing health and the estimated heal to each from Revival. In parentheses on the right, it shows the number of targets in range of Revival.

Commands: /revt or /revivaltracker - brings up the options interface

Recent changes:

  • Added localization workarounds to hopefully be compatible with all locales
  • Added options to include crit and multistrike in estimation
  • Added range check for Revival
  • Added count of members in range on bottom text

Planned features:

  • A report after combat of how efficient your Revivals were, missed opportunities, how many more Revival casts you could have squeezed in, etc.


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