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This addon is no longer being maintained since the Auction House overhaul in patch 8.3.0.

A fast shopping list tool to restock items at your ideal quantity and price.

Requires TradeSkillMaster addon.


  • Only scan the Auction House for items you need to restock or...
  • Continue to scan and buy an item at full stock but at a reduced max price
  • Scan your full list with the Shop button or click a single item to scan only one
  • Check or Uncheck items on the fly to adjust your list before scanning
  • Hide or show auctions that exceed your max price settings
  • Hide or show stack sizes that if purchased would put you too far above full stock
  • Hide or show stacks not evenly divisible by 5
  • Hide or show stacks of 1
  • Pause/Resume scanning in order to purchase auctions quickly during long scans
  • On Hand quantity, max price, and matching results update instantly as you buy
  • Buy All mode allows quickly buying all results from first to last
  • Max prices are percentage of Item Value as provided by Auctionator or TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB
  • Tooltip of Shopping List dropdown menu shows: Full Stock, Full Stock Shortage, and Max Restock Cost
  • Items matched by Item ID, no useless close matches to sift through
  • Import item IDs from TSM group exports to help build your shopping lists faster
  • Export items on your shopping list for backup, sharing, or importing to TSM
  • Item ID placed in item tooltips to avoid lookup outside of game (Optional)
  • Item Settings placed in item tooltips if on the current shopping list (Optional)
  • Options available by typing /rs or /restockshop
  • Macro /rs acceptbuttonclick for fast key or mouse bound buying

Starter Lists

To use, type /restockshop and click "Import Items" at the bottom.

Battle for Azeroth Materials (73)


Legion Materials (86)


Warlords of Draenor Materials (138)


Example: Regular Supplies

You buy Leystone Ore and try to keep 1500 on hand. Normally you pay up to 10% over Item Value, but when your supply is low you'd pay up to 20% over.

Item ID: 123918
Full Stock: 1500
Low: 120%
Norm: 110%
Full: Leave empty (won't scan if you have 1500+ or removes remaining results while buying)
- Provide a Full max price to continue buying after reaching 1500

Example: Snatch List

You create a list of rare and valuable items to buy and resell on the Auction House. Lets say one of these is Shadowfang. You'd pay up to 60% of Item Value when you have less than 2 on hand.

Item ID: 1482
Full Stock: 2
Low: 60%
Norm: 60%
Full: Leave empty (won't scan if you have 2+ or removes remaining results while buying)
- Provide a Full max price to continue buying after reaching 2

Bugs & Suggestions

Please make sure you have the latest version and post into the Curse.com comments with details and if possible a screenshot. Thank you for taking the time to report an issue, it helps make the addon better for everyone.

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