RestedXP is a highly effective and popular leveling addon for World of Warcraft. Crafted by the best Speedrunners of WoW (Classic & Retail), this addon is specifically designed to help players quickly level up their characters by optimizing their gameplay by following the quest routes that the best speedlevelers use, minimizing the time required for each level.


One of RestedXP's many key features is our optimized questing path. This addon analyzes the player's current level and available quests, and provides the most efficient order to complete them in. This eliminates the need for players to spend time searching for the best quests to complete and ensures that they are always progressing as quickly as possible. The Addon has its own 1-30 & 58-60 leveling routes (WoTLK), 1-20 (Vanilla), 1-10 (Retail) and Gathering Profession leveling 1-450 (WoTLK) and farming for both Horde & Alliance ready to go!


RestedXP also includes a "Hardcore" mode for Vanilla players who want an extra challenge in their leveling experience. The features in this mode help players make the most of their time and avoid dangerous situations that could lead to death with different, safer, leveling routes.


Notable features
- Auto quest turn in & accept
- Auto flight paths
- Auto class/profession training
- Auto NPC targeting/marking
- Fully customizable arrow pointing toward objectives
- Rare tracker
- Customizable UI
- Leveling time tracker


For anyone interested in creating their own routes, this is the addon for you! With RestedXP's sister addon, GuideCreator, you can automatically create your own leveling route as you play!
If you wish to create your own guides using this platform, check out this article on our website: https://www.restedxp.com/create-your-own-restedxp-guide/


Type /RXP or /RXPG ingame to open the addon interface


Find our community on discord: https://discord.gg/RestedXP