Reputation Guide

A World of Warcraft addon to help you manage your reputation and Factions.


WoW Classic era/Classic/Retail

If you come across any issue please feel free to open an issue on GitHub so it can be fixed/added.
The goal is to have the addon support all versions of the game at once.


10.0.2 / Dragonflight UI Changes:

The addon is currently not fully working (for example the SortByStanding function) for 10.0.0 / Dragonflight due to the UI changes, working on fixing this at the moment, this may take some time.



This addon is based on the addon RepHelper, that was initially based on Factionizer.

RepHelper (Retail) on Github: https://github.com/chawan/RepHelper
RepHelper (Classic) on Github: https://github.com/chawan/RepHelper_Classic
RepHelper on Curse: https://curseforge.com/wow/addons/rephelper
Factionizer on Github: https://github.com/gOOvER/Factionizer
Factionizer on Curse: https://curseforge.com/wow/addons/factionizer

I appreciate all the work done on these addons.


The main change that was added on top of the existing RepHelper addon is the expansionIndex, this allows the addon to check for each faction exactly what reputaiton value is correct for the current version of the game, and when certain quests were added. This also allows the addon to check till when a certain faction is active.

This also allows the addon to work for each version of the game, since the Blizzard API went through multiple changes through the years.

Further additions were made to Classic/TBC factions/reputations to be more up to date, by adding more quests/dailes and reputation values.



The main reason this addon was created was for the release of Wrath of the lich king Classic as this broke the last classic version of RepHelper that is no longer being updated.



As of right now the current plan is to fully update the addon for Classic Wrath of the Lich King and fix the addon for Dragonflight. And I will do my best to keep Retail as up to date as I can.


Information Sources



Contributions/Suggestions and bug reports/fixes to the addon are always welcome, to contribute you can make a pull request or simply open a new issue on GitHub.


This addon is made to help you reach Exalted with your factions by giving you calculated tips on how to obtain the rep most efficently.


/rep help
/reputations help



For any issues please refer to the issues tab on curseforge or in the #issues channel in discord.



GPLv3: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html or see the license file