Reputation Bars is a modular addon that lets you watch one or more faction standings, i.e. the amount of reputation you have with them. It can be used to track specific factions or automatically track the ones you gain rep with. It is especially useful for those with custom UIs that no longer have the default Blizzard rep bar available.

You can use this while leveling to see your reputation bar or simply as a way to show you how much you have left for various factions as you grind your way to exalted...


  • AutoBars module that automatically tracks recently gained reputation.
  • StaticBars (including Staticbars2 thru 9) modules to track specific factions that you specify.
  • Automatically fadeout bars when no reputation has been gained for a while to avoid cluttering your UI.
  • All bars can be customized in order to fit most UI configurations (supports SharedMedia for a larger variety of fonts and bar textures).
  • Simply disable any modules you don't need through the configuration UI.

I recommend that you also install the SharedMedia addon for a larger variety of fonts and bar textures.


Configuration is done using the Blizzard addon configuration interface. You can right click on the title bar to open it, or use the slash command /rptb.


Please visit http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/reputation-bars/localization/ if you want to help out with translations. Please notify me with a PM if you submit translations (otherwise I may not notice them).


Please direct any questions to the comments section below.


Please direct any issues to the issues tab.