REPorter - Battleground Map

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


May 6, 2012

Owner: AcidWeb


  • Slim and readable overview of situation on the battleground.
  • Capture timers, state of all battleground nodes and flag respawn time is tracked.
  • Quick report sending. About the current position or any other node on the map.
  • Gate health tracking on Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients.
  • Winner estimator providing information about time left to end of current match.
  • ElvUI skin - AddOnSkins


  • Hold Shift + Alt to hide all player blips and show node timers/gate health.
  • Hold Shift + Ctrl to highlight friendly healers, raid markers, vehicles and flags.
  • Click any node to open report menu.
  • Click score estimator to send it to battleground channel.

Map legend:

  • Blip - Friendly player. Class colored.
  • Blip with black dot - Friendly player in combat.
  • Blip with red dot - Friendly player in combat. Low health.
  • Blip with cross - Dead player or ghost.


  • Nothing. Feature requests are welcome.


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