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A simple solution to a simple problem: Remaining XP tracks your XP gains & calculates the remaining XP value. It also offers a customizable display & XP bar, text integration for the default XP bar, chat notifications tracking your Rested XP accumulation & more in a minimalistic package - use only what you need.


  • Get more information on your XP status - how much XP do you need exactly to reach the next level, how much Rested XP have you accumulated while being in a rested area (even while offline) & more..
  • Includes a fully customizable, repositionable & resizable custom XP bar, an enhancement for the default XP bar text providing useful info in a minimalistic fashion, both granting access to a detailed XP tooltip.
  • Get chat notifications for XP updates if you wish (with detailed event logging coming soon as well).
  • Set up Remaining XP in the Interface Options, access select options via the /remxp chat command.
  • Includes multi-version support for Retail, Classic, Burning Crusade Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic!


Alongside the one-time & monthly donation options featured above, watching ads on CurseForge or Wago also supports my work. You can keep up to date via the CurseForge or Wago App as well as WoWUP if you enable CurseForge or as an addon provider.

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