REHack - UI Notebook

2,612 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 9, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5

REHack is a lightweight notebook and/or code development addon.

This is a fork of Hack (Public Domain) by Mud and Vandesdelca32.
Please consult original Readme for more information.

The codebase was refreshed a bit and multiple known issues were fixed.


  • /hack - Toggle REHack UI.
  • /hack <hack name> - Run a REHack page by name.

Importing data from original Hack:

  • Load both Hack and REHack.
  • After logging in multiple LUA errors might be displayed. Ignore them.
  • Relog or reload UI.
  • All pages from original Hack should be now imported to REHack.
  • Hack can be now safely deleted.


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