RECrystallize - Auction House Scanner

47,808 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2021 Game Version: 9.1.0

This addon allows users to take a snapshot of all Auction House offers and display the lowest buyout price in the item tooltip.


Open the AH and press Start scan button. The process should take a few seconds. Database entries older than 5 days will be automatically deleted. After that prices will be added to item and pet tooltips. Hold Shift to display the price of all items.

The addon is attempting to find a perfect match. Same stats, corruptions, suffixes, etc. If that lookup fails for any reason price of the cheapest item with the same name/ItemID will be displayed and a red exclamation mark will be displayed to inform the user about the partial match.


Expect string containing item or battle pet link as input. Return price in copper, timestamp of data and boolean informing if that was a partial match. If the item was not found in the database nil is returned.

Expect ItemID number as input. Return price (in copper) of the cheapest item with that ItemID and timestamp of data. If the item was not found in the database nil is returned.


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