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Recount is a damage meter that is designed with being a raid analysis tool and get better information on you can improve player’s performance. This is achieved via using graphs to better convey information than normal to show time based data or pie charts to get a better sense of proportions.

Warning - Recount can use a decent amount of memory at default settings due to saving of DPS and other stats every second. These can be disabled if not used in the options under filter by unclicking checkmarks under the stopwatch. Memory usage though shouldn't effect your performance though.

Main Window Modes This is the main window through which everything else is selected. It has a variety of data display modes which are paged through via the arrows on the title bar. In the future, you will be able to create hot buttons, right click the title for a list, and being able to remove/add modes that are paged through in the options (there is quite a bit of modes as you can see below).

Damage Done - Damage done of course Friendly Fire - Damage done from friendly targets to other friendly targets Damage Taken- Damage taken Healing Done - Healing done to others not including overhealing Healing Taken - Healing taken not including overhealing Deaths - How many times has this target died DOT Uptime - Time DOTS have spent ticking, the number in parenthesis is the average number of DOTs up at once HOT Uptime - Time HOTS have spent ticking, the number in parenthesis is the average number of HOTs up at once Dispels - The number of times a target has dispelled Dispelled - The number of times a target has been dispelled Interrupts - The number of times a target has interrupted someon Activity - How much time has this target spent doing attacking/healing actions Threat - The threat on the current threat target being tracked (algorithm goes for your target first then searches through the next targets of targets, then checks the last place it found a good target, then lastly checks through all targets in your raid for a potential threat target)

Detail Window This is a way for more detailed info on the main window modes most the modes have 1-3 various detailed modes. Normally they go along the lines of a 2 lists with pie charts. The top mode will often be either a list of abilities/targets sorted based on the main mode chosen then when clicked will tell more on the exact abilites used on the target selected, or targets on the abilities. In the case of Death Mode, you get a list of last 25 actions that occurred in the combat log that occurred with 15 seconds before the death to 1 second after. Future plans are to add a summary report as well in the detail window

Graph Window This is the heart of the addon and what really makes it unique. Now to get into this mode you shift click on a user in the main window. This window, gives you the ability to see per second values over time for past fights. The window can also integrate the data to give you the running total over time or normalize for better comparison of varying data types. If you wish to compare players you can alt click on their names to bring them in or press the + button on the title bar to bring in all players. These comparison modes are where the stacked mode is intended to be used. In stack mode, it adds the data together so you can see the entire raid DPS/damage. When you normalize in stack mode what this actually creates is a graph where you can see the percent contribution by every person at a moment in time.

Real-time Window The real-time windows are a precursor to the sparkline window coming in a future version. They are activated by ctrl clicking on a bar in the main window for a trackable value. Basically when you pop one up you get a 10 second real-time graph window of DPS, HPS, or TPS. They will auto scale & change the gridlines based on the current max value. Windows are saved so you can set them up as you like them though there are no profiles or anything for multiple settings yet. Also, windows can’t have their colors etc adjusted. You can also bring up latency, FPS, or raid based windows via /recount realtime.


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