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Reckless Abandon

Are you an altoholic?

Do you have an absurd number of "COVID-19 buff" level 50s with quests spanning across multiple xpacks due to years of leveling experience changes?

Tired of "your quest log is full" when trying to start threads of fate?

Have you felt the pain of having to drill into each quest individually, click abandon, and then confirm?

Have you found macros that abandon your entire quest log, but would rather fine tune the experience?

This addon will help you recklessly abandon your quests, either individually with a single click or as entire groups of zone and campaign quests.

This addon is inspired by many others that solve various parts of the problem, but aren't a complete solution.


  • Abandon buttons placed right in your quest log
  • Abandon groups of zone and campaign quests, or individual quests
  • Exclude quests from group abandons
  • Configurable via an options panel
  • Abandon all quests entirely with the command line
  • Abandon groups of quests that match a qualifier from the command line
  • Automation options for abandoning quests of certain types or specific quest ids
  • Toggle-able guard rails if you want to actually confirm, but don't want to have to drill into quest details or right click abandon
  • Fixes bugs present in similar addons where buttons are rendered outside of the quest list
  • Tiny, uses less than 1mb of memory
  • Actively maintained and will be extended with new features

Opening the Configuration Panel

/reckless config or /rab


  • English (enUS, enGB)
  • Spanish (esES, esMX)