Realtime Inspect for Twitch

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Aug 6, 2018

Owner: chillyxdd

Realtime Inspect for Twitch generates data that an external application reads and sends to Twitch Extension for use by viewers of your stream.


Contact: Chilly#2613 on Discord for help.


How to use

Directly after install you'll see a number of weirdly colored pixels up in the left corner of your screen.

Type /rti to open a mover allowing you to position these pixels where and how you want.

Use the scaling handle in the lower right corner of the mover to configure how wide the pixels will be rendered. (If you make it narrow they will scale vertically downward as opposed to horizontally)

Type /rti again to hide the mover and display the pixels.


The pixels have to be visible in the client in order for this system to work. An external application will scan the screen for them.


Extra Software

This addon is meant to be used together with an external Windows application and an extension on Twitch.

Visit to install the extension, and for instructions regarding the Windows application.


Chat commands

/rti - Show and hide the mover

/rti hide - Completely hide the pixels

/rti show - Show pixels again if they're hidden


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