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Warning: This was originally made for the 2.4.3 client. After so many changes converting it to TBC Classic, I'd expect some problems somewhere in these early releases. While I've made PTR characters to test random spells, there's far too many possibilities to test alone, so if you feel like reporting any problems it would be helpful!


This will let you say or do non-protected things based on actions happening to you or around you. A boring example would be to react to the action of casting a resurrection spell by telling your group who you're resurrecting. A more important example would be to say something about a party member who just drowned.

You can react to many types of actions:

  • spells based on what happened with it (you hit someone with it, you're hit by it, a group member resists it, you take periodic damage from it, you begin casting it, etc).
  • chat, system, and error messages.
  • many game events, like if combat starts or ends, your health or mana becomes low, a flight path starts or ends, someone is damaged or killed by drowning/lava/falling, someone in your group gets the killing blow on a boss, you're summoned (before and after teleporting), you start or stop following someone, you destroy an item, you use a mailbox, you resurrect, you join a group, you become stunned/feared/snared/etc, you're critically hit, and many more.

Each action can have any amount of reactions and a random one will be chosen.

  • Reacting can have a chance set so that it won't happen 100% of the time.
  • After reacting, there's a global cooldown time (can be set by you) before another reaction will be used. Each action can override this to have its own time (or no cooldown at all). You can limit reacting other ways too, like to only let it happen every 20 fights.
  • Each individual reaction can have many conditions set, like to only be picked if it's morning time in a battleground while you're in cat form wearing a specific item and the spell you used critically hit a gnome.
  • Reactions can be chat messages, non-protected commands like /invite, scripts, or a mix of all. Messages can use variables like the target's name, custom tags you can make like {race} or {horde capital} to pick a random phrase from a list, and randomized text like "There were (two|three|four) of them!" You can do multiple things at once (like say something then use /sleep) and easily have pauses between each thing (which can have specific or random times).


To start, use the command /rs to open the settings window. There's a quick guide explaining a few things in the "Options & Info" section. A more in-depth guide is here if needed.


/rs - opens the settings window - all shortcut commands below can be set there

/rs <"on"|"off"> - enable or disable the addon

/rs test <"on"|"off"> - enable or disable testing mode

/rs cooldown <seconds> - set the default global cooldown time between reactions

/rs chance <multiplier> - set a chance multiplier for all reactions

/rs shout <"on"|"off"> - enable or disable shout mode

/rs group <name> <"on"|"off"> - enable or disable a group of reactions

/rs use "<spell>" [target] - use a "spell" reaction, optionally on a target name - surround the spell name in quotation marks