15,851,429 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 24, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0



  • Complete rewrite
  • UI overhaul
    • Every frame now follows a standardized layout with support for minimizing and scaling (ctrl+scroll). It's also made with future customization in mind. Note: Use rightclick for awarding items.
  • Options menu overhaul
    • Master Looter options have been moved to a separate tree and the entire interface have been streamlined.
  • Updated chat commands
    • Most chat commands results in a more appropriate interface than before, while some have been removed.
  • Auto pass
    • By default, RCLootCouncil now auto passes on items certain classes can't use (e.g. plate for priests) and items certain classes shouldn't use (e.g. leather for hunters).
  • Observe mode
    • The Master Looter can enable observe mode to let non-council members see the voting frame.
  • Autohide in combat
    • If enabled all RCLootCouncil frames will minimize when entering combat.
  • Session setup
    • The Master Looter is now able to review the list of items before starting a session as well as manipulating the list by adding or removing items.
  • Award later
    • Using the session setup, the Master Looter can choose to award items later thus looting the items, and have RCLootCouncil start a session later by typing '/rc award'. It's not possible to automatically give out items that's already looted, so instead '/rc winners' gives you a list with whom to give the item to.
  • Loot from bags
    • RCLootCouncil can now add custom items to a session by typing '/rc add [item]'.
  • Ignore list
    • RCLootCouncil now have a customizable ignore list, for, well, ignoring stuff.
  • Usage options
    • More usability to e.g. disable the popup when entering a raid by always accepting it, or always rejecting it. Option to turn off the addon temporarily.
  • Filtering
    • All responses on the voting frame are now filterable.
  • Status text
    • Everyone in the group is now added to the voting frame with a status text as their response, e.g. "Not installed", "Selecting response" and "Candidate removed"
  • Diff and roll
    • Two new columns in the voting frame:
    • "Diff" - which shows the item lvl difference between a candidates' equipped item and the one in session.
    • "Roll" which allows the Master Looter to add a random 1 - 100 roll to all candidates should he so desire.
  • Hide Votes
    • New option to hide votes until one self have voted.
  • Module support
    • All frames are implemented as modules, which can be replaced. This also gives the opportunity for anyone to add custom features to the core addon.
  • Disenchant button
    • You'll get a "Disenchant" button in the voting frame. Clicking it will show a list of enchanters in your group (if any), and clicking a name will award the item to that player with the reason selected for disenchant in "Award Reasons".
  • Limits
    • No more 20 item limit per session (not that you're gonna need that), no more "award in this particular order" limit, no more "close session when you close the WoW loot frame", etc.
  • Rank Frame
    • Old and not really useful. Better alternative in the options menu.
  • Raid Chat
    • Noone wants to see people linking items in the raid chat just because someone didn't install an addon. Use whisper for that!
  • Pass button
    • Not really removed, but automatically added so you won't have to think about that. Also removed "filter passes" due to the new filtering system.


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