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Something went wrong/doesn't work. I want RCLootCouncil do x this way.
Check the rest of the FAQ, and otherwise please create an issue.


I once saw a tooltip with the latest award - where is it?
Just click the little arrow button in the top right corner of the voting frame, and then mouseover or select a candidate in the list.
Can I change the colors/textures on RCLootCouncil?
Yes - check out the "Appearence" tab in the options menu (/rc config).
The Award button is gone!
Just right click on a candidate.
RCLootCouncil doesn't start a session automatically.
Check if "Auto Loot" is enabled.
People don't see the vote button.
They are probably not added to the council. Check "/rc council" see the council members.
It doesn't loot tier tokens/mounts/materials/relics etc.
Make sure to enable "Loot Everything" in order to loot any non-wearables.
It doesn't loot BoE's.
Enable "Autoloot BoE".
Can I minimize the windows?
Just double click on the title frame. You can also enable make it minimize automatically in combat in the options menu.
Can I change the size of the windows?
Sure - just hold down ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel over a window.
What commands are available?
Type "/rc help" to see the list. Note that some of them requires you to be the Master Looter to use them.
How do I add items to a session/deal with BoE's?
As ML, type "/rc add [item]" where [item] is the link produced by shift-clicking an item. Note this only works before starting a session.
The Loot History doesn't show the number of tokens awarded/doesn't display them all.
This requires the ML to have v2.3.1+ in order to be recorded. For english clients, the History was automatically updated upon logging in after upgrading to v2.3.1+. If you've received data from a ML using an older version, then you need to update it manually by typing "/rc updatehistory" (this requires v2.3.2+). Non-english users can do the same, however it requires at least 1 record from each instance/difficulty.
How does random roll work?
As ML, rightclick any candidate in the voting frame and press "Add Rolls". This adds a random number (1 - 100) to all candidates, in case you want some randomness included. There's also an option in the ML options that when enabled automatically adds these rolls to every session.
What does "Request Rolls" do?
Request roll sends out a roll request to the selected set of candidates, which shows a modified version of the loot frame that does a /roll, displays it, and then sends that roll to the council. This is included as a more interactive way of doing rolls instead of just having a random number assigned. In terms of randomness, it's the exact same mechanism.
How does synchronizing work?
First both you and your intended receiver needs to open the synchronize frame ("/rc sync"). Now select the data you want to sync. By default, only "history" and "settings" are available, but modules can add their own types. Next you must select your "target" from the list. This list includes your online guildmembers, groupmembers, friends and your current target. Clicking the "Sync" button will send a sync request to your target, and once they accept, the sync commences - at this point both of you may close the sync window, and it will continue in the background (do note it might take a few minutes).
Can I use RCLootCouncil without Master Loot?
Yes - this is possible from v2.7. For now, only the "/rc add [item]" command is available to the groupleader at any time, which allows you to start a session as per normal (with the exception the item can't automatically be given out). This feature will be expanded in the future.




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