A simple module that shows your group/guild's average item level, their selected covenant (retail) and equipped gear. Requires RCLootCouncil to function. . 



Simply open the window with "/rc gg" (or "/rc groupgear " or "/rc gear") and you're rolling! You can check if people have installed this module by hovering over the version number in the RCLootCouncil version checker ("/rc v"). 

To change the highlights simply click the magnifying icon and choose which highlights you want. Currently the following highlights are available:

  • Missing enchants
  • Non-epic enchants
  • Missing gems
  • Non-epic gems



From v1.8.0 a Classic version of the addon is available, and packaged with this project. Anything the retail version contains that's not available in Classic have been removed in this version.

As I don't play Classic I haven't been able to do any large scale tests - I'm particularly worried about the extra data being sent when using this addon. I'd advice against using it while in raids, as it'll probably put even more strain on the comms system.


Also, the missing enchants/gems has been disabled in the Classic version, as I don't know which enchants would qualify. If you're interested in helping me with this, please contact me here or on Discord. 



Feel free to suggest other features that could be useful.