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Uploaded Jan 17, 2019
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r510 | Tomber | 2019-01-17 18:01:52 +0000 (Thu, 17 Jan 2019)

First release with spell alert feature. This is enabled on the Spells tab. Spell alerts are special bars that appear when specific spell casts and/or auras are detected. This is similar to the functionality in the old addon SpellAlerter (official version was last updated in 2011 but it has had fan updates since then). In Raven, this feature includes detecting (with spell lists to provide white list/black list filtering) friendly spell casts, enemy spell casts, buffs on enemies, and debuffs on friends. The alert bars can be assigned to show up as buffs, debuffs or cooldowns and therefore be selectively included in auto bar groups. There is not a built-in bar group for this (yet) on the Setup tab so it will take some Raven options experience to make bar groups that present the info in a desired format. Please contact me through curseforge if you have questions.

This release also contains several bug fixes:

No longer apply icon offset to background panels when icons are not enabled (note this may change the appearance of background panels for anyone who used a non-zero icon offset setting--just apply the icon offset to the panel offset instead--but will not affect anyone using defaults).

Fix Lua error in function that detects global cooldowns (rare).

Fix flickering text in headers for tracker bar groups.

Update version for 8.1 release. Update copyright to include 2019.

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