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Filename Rarity-r691-release.zip
Uploaded by AllaraStarmist
Uploaded Aug 8, 2019
Game Version 8.2.0
Size 1.84 MB
Downloads 124,542
MD5 5455cdbc77b3a94e1f14cafd9be24a5a
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Added tracking for collectibles obtained in Nazjatar and Mechagon Island
Added tracking for Paragon rewards from both Nazjatar factions
Added tracking for collectibles obtained from bosses in Azshara's Eternal Palace (raid)
Added tracking for collectibles obtained from bosses in Operation: Mechagon (dungeon)


Added missing NPCs for Goldenmane's Reins
Added support for 8.2 island expedition maps
Added tracking for 8.2 island expedition pets
Added setting to automatically verify the database on login (experimental)

Fixed an error caused by Blizzard now blocking addons from accessing files via relative paths

Developer Notes:

The remaining collectibles added in patch 8.2 are not yet supported. While this is being resolved, you may want to try this user-provided import string: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/rarity?comment=1883


Added tracking for WOD Timewalking encounters to the Infinite Timereaver mount (courtesy of redpandamonium)

Removed some BFA Paragon reward toys that didn't make it to live servers
Fishing in Mac'aree and Krokuun (on Argus) should now correctly add attempts for the Pond Nettle mount
The Emerald Whelpling pet should now be listed with its proper name


Resolved some display issues for faction-specific mounts that can be obtained from Darkshore rares
Fixed tracking for Spawn of Garalon


Added tracking for the Great Sea Ray mount (courtesy of ZaruthEU)
Added tracking for Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria

Improved defeat detection for the G.M.O.D. mount (still somewhat experimental)

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