Last Updated: Feb 2, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


Aug 5, 2011

Owner: Allara


Added tracking for collectibles dropped by rares in Darkshore
Added defeat detection for Midnight's Eternal Reins (Return to Karazhan)

Fixed tracking for pets obtained from BFA paragon reward boxes
Looting Orwell Stevenson in Darkshore should now correctly add an attempt for Nightwreathed Egg


Added tracking for BFA paragon reputation rewards
Added an option to display TSM pricing data in the addon's tooltips (courtesy of zsml) - This feature requires the TradeSkillMaster addon


Fixed tracking for Skyshard attempts while in the Guo-Lai Halls subzone


Added defeat detection for The Lion's Roar and Doom's Howl

Defeat detection for rares in the Arathi Highlands should now function correctly regardless of the player's faction


Added tracking for BOE mount drops from BFA zones: Terrified Pack Mule, Dune Scavenger, Leaping Veinseeker, and Goldenmane

Completing The Underrot, Freehold, or King's Rest dungeons (Mythic Keystone difficulty) should now correctly add attempts for the mounts that the Challenger's Cache may contain (see notes below)

Developer Notes:

Challenge mode (Mythic Keystone) detection is experimental at this point. Please report any issues you may encounter!