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Filename RareScanner_1.14.1.2.zip
Uploaded by maqjav
Uploaded Jan 23, 2022
Game Version 1.14.1  
Size 3.00 MB
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MD5 f2d69d681188dd7a5b09ec7a31acca9f
Supported WoW Classic Versions


- Fixed a LUA error when loading the addon for first time.
- Fixed issue#187: Fixed the mapID of Duskwood.
- Introduced the same fix that was added in retail regarding the calculation of the delay used in the execution of routines (it could cause a LUA error under certain circumstances).

- Fixed a LUA error shown when entering a dungeon.


- Added support for World of Warcraft Classic.
- This version is a port of the retail version, so it includes all the features from the retail without everything that doesn't exist in Classic.
As with TBC, this version works only with enemy nameplates, so you have to enable them in order to get the alerts.
- I've tested the basics and everything seems to work. I don't play Classic, so please if you find an error report it so I can fix it.