Rare Share: Core

117,070 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that the add-on is in a suboptimal state right now with some features being buggy at times, others simply not working. However because Blizzard said they will implement the main functionality this add-on provides into the main game I'll wait for the open/closed beta of Shadowlands to come out so I can port it over with the new API in mind. For now I'll just work on a private version of the add-on to optimize whereever optimizations are possible (spoiler: there's a lot of optimizable code, lol.). Hopefully you all understand how it wouldn't be efficient for me to put effort into refactoring the current add-on as the game API will be changed in Shadowlands anyways.

This project does nothing on it's own, it requires RareShare modules to function.


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