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Random quoter is an addon that throws out random quotes at specified interval. It currently has a large default lists but as of writing this, i have also made a module for it which will quote @AngryOrc1 from twitter(Random Quoter AngryOrc).

The addon currently only prints to /say and by default it is at 5 mins.


The current commands for the addon are as follows:

/rq - opens the main options window

/rqmodules - Prints out a list of the current modules

/rqrandomizer - Runs the main command to say a quote

Creating a module

To create your own module its easy, just create a basic addon (.toc and .lua) and create a table with your quotes and add the command RQAPI:AddModule("NameOfAddon",TableName). If any help is needed just look at a module already created.

Current Modules

This list will be updated with modules that other people have created if they message me.

1. AngryOrc1 - Quote's AngryOrc1 from twitter.

2. Out of Context DnD - Random Out of Context DnD Quotes


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