249 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Lots of smaller quality of life changes:

  • Fixed/removed a Data<->GUI connection that would result in the players not being able to be pushed to all of the groups. Now you should be able to use all 16 groups at all times.
  • Groupsize had a bit of a wonky tonky "feature" inside it. Originally I wanted the groupsize and stuff be inserted smoothly into the process after changing the field but that resulted in a "behaviour if you write another number"-function as well as a "pressed OK" function, which was ... whacky. Now, changes apply after pressing "OK", not more steps inbetween.
  • With manual assignment, a problem with "empty groups still being exported and stuff" popped up. That is now fixed.
  • Added a "Reset players" button - this is only a temporary thing because I couldn't really get the "on roster update" event to work, I probably just missed a step somehere but I didn't have the time to fix that yet. For now, either re-opening RaidDidive or pressing that button will update your playerlist after people left/joined
  • Fixed a minor repaint glitch which resulted in the groups not being repainted properly
  • [Lua] Removed redundancy for groupcreation and replaced it with a simpler "just use math"-function.