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RaidAchievement (RA addon)

What it does:

  • Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.*
  • Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder
  • Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder
  • Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder

/raidAchievement or /rach or /raida - open menu (announces are enabled by default)

To track achievements from Cataclysm and WotLK expansions you have to download: RaidAchievement_OldModules
To track achievements from Pandaria expansion you have to download: RaidAchievement_Pandaria
To track achievements from WoD expansion you have to download: RaidAchievement_WoD

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"Getting Cold in Here"
Defeat Hodir without any raid member having more than 2 stacks of Biting Cold in 25-player mode.
- addon will announce in chat when someone gets 3+ stacks


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