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Filename QuickQuest-80200.40-Release.zip
Uploaded by p3lim
Uploaded Jul 8, 2019
Game Version 8.2.0  
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MD5 643b74841107ec5cc6a43857f715c7a7
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Changes in 80200.40-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Picking up quests in combat

Changes in 80100.39-Release:

  • Changed: Added Dark Iron Mole Machine to the blacklist
  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 80000.38-Release:

  • Added: Tezran to the ignore list

Changes in 80000.37-Release:

  • Added: Zurvan to the ignore list

Changes in 80000.36-Release:

  • Added: zhCN translations (thanks @EKE00372)
  • Added: zhTW translations (thanks @EKE00372)
  • Changed: Using mapID for withered training detection (thanks @siweia)

Changes in 80000.35-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 70300.34-Release:

  • Added: Nabiru and High Exarch Turalyon to the NPC blacklist

Changes in 70300.33-Release:

  • Added: Chieftain Hatuun to the NPC blacklist

Changes in 70300.32-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: Update embeds for regression fix

Changes in 70200.31-Release:

  • Changed: Proving Grounds is being ignored globally now
  • Fixed: LibStub not being packaged recusively

Changes in 70200.30-Release:

  • Changes: No auto-gossip for class challenges

Changes in 70200.29-Release:

  • Fixed: Items not showing up in the blacklist on first load

Changes in 70200.28-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Removed: Support for ignoring quests, removed by Blizzard

Changes in 70100.27-Release:

  • Fixed: Libraries path

Changes in 70100.26-Release:

  • Changed: Profession world quests ignoring now work on any locale

Changes in 70100.25-Release:

  • Changed: No longer attempts to automate delivery of "Supplies Needed" world quests

Changes in 70100.24-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: No longer attempts to automate delivery of work order world quests

Changes in 70000.23-Release:

  • Added: Option to disable during Withered Scenario (need localization help!)
  • Added: Automated rogue class hall door opener
  • Added: Exception for Nomi's (MoP version) daily cooking quests
  • Changed: Added values to items from the Sixtrigger Brothers' quest chain
  • Removed: Old beta client compatibility

Changes in 70000.22-Release:

  • Fixed: Incorrect path in the pagacker metadata file (internal fluff)

Changes in 70000.21-Release:

  • Added: Sassy Imps to the blacklist
  • Added: Option to automatically share quests (warning: prone to be annoying)
  • Added: Support for ignored quests
  • Added: (Hopefully) proper support for auto-completing quests
  • Added: Legion's new bonus roll currency NPC to the blacklist
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: Using a library to create the options
  • Changed: Using a library to handle API inconsistencies
  • Fixed: Garrison scouting missions not being ignored
  • Fixed: Auto-accept quests' window getting stuck
  • Fixed: String error in the options
  • Fixed: Garrison "Mission Specialist" NPC for Alliance not being ignored
  • Removed: Auto-accepting quests that start from items (handled by the default UI now)

Changes in 60100.20-Release

  • Added: Garrison scouting missives to the default item blacklist

Changes in 60100.19-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Sealing Fate automation still running (quest was changed)

Changes in 60000.18-Release:

  • Added: Royal Reward as cash reward from quests in Uldum
  • Added: Blacklist for auto-accepting weekly seal quests
  • Changed: Improved behavior for auto-accepting quests
  • Changed: Blacklist more commonly misclicked NPCs

Changes in 60000.17-Release:

  • Added: More options for handling gossip in raids
  • Changed: Blacklisted bodyguards from auto-gossip
  • Changed: Disabled localizations until they are more mature
  • Fixed: Modifier not working when inverted
  • Fixed: Quest rewards sometimes not highlighting properly
  • Removed: Delay option

Changes in 60000.16-Release:

  • Added: Changelog
  • Added: Localization
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: "Auto quests" should now complete properly
  • Fixed: Further issues brought on by the beta client
  • Removed: Compatibility code for "Mists of Pandaria"

Changes in 50400.15-Release:

  • Added: Support for "Warlords of Draenor" expansion

Changes in 50400.14-Release:

  • Fixed: Darkmoon Faire teleporting option

Changes in 50400.13-Release:

  • Added: License
  • Added: Metadata file for the curseforge packager
  • Added: Custom dropdown to avoid tainting default UI
  • Changed: Renamed the addon to "QuickQuest"

Changes in 50400.12-Release:

  • Added: Automatically accept area-triggered quests
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Starting-area quests
  • Fixed: Options not being selected/shown when using chat command
  • Fixed: Item caching
  • Removed: Forced quest tracking logic

Changes in 50300.11-Release:

  • Added: Information on tooltip for items in the filter options
  • Added: Support for filtering items that is part of a quest
  • Fixed: Items in the filter options not having textures

Changes in 50300.10-Release:

  • Added: Delay option
  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 50200.9-Beta:

  • Added: Item filter options
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Make sure we're able to start the quest from an item before we try to start it

Changes in 50001.8-Beta:

  • Fixed: Errors during login due to early BAG_UPDATE event firing
  • Fixed: Logic behind reverse modifier behavior

Changes in 50001.7-Beta:

  • Added: Options
  • Fixed: Make sure the quest is tracked on accepting it
  • Fixed: Issue with area-triggered quests
  • Fixed: Remove even more spam from the chat

Changes in 50001.6-Beta:

  • Added: Item filter for specific repeatable quests
  • Changed: Disable auto-accepting quest items while at a merchant
  • Fixed: Remove more spam from the chat
  • Removed: Quest log modifications

Changes in 50001.5-Beta:

  • Added: Support for "Mists of Pandaria" expansion
  • Added: Champion's Purse real value (10 gold)
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Select the first quest reward automatically if there's only one
  • Fixed: Get the correct index for gossip quests
  • Fixed: Taints caused by Blizzard leaking a global variable
  • Removed: Quest querying system

Changes in 40300.4-Beta:

  • Added: Automatically pay the Darkmoon Faire teleporters
  • Added: Spam filter for auto-accepting quest items
  • Changed: Disable auto-accepting quest items while at a mail box, bank or guild bank
  • Changed: Disable auto-gossip feature while in a raid

Changes in 40300.3-Beta:

  • Changed: Disable while at the guild bank
  • Changed: Let quest querying be forced if needed
  • Changed: Manually add quests to the completed list

Changes in 40300.2-Beta:

  • Fixed: Quest querying

Changes in 40300.1-Beta:

  • First public release

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