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What It Does

When enabled, damage taken bars will appear beside each player and party unit frame. These bars increase with the amount of damage a player in the party receives, changing colors from green to yellow to red upon death. When in a raid, damage taken bars will appear beside the name of everyone in the raid for quick and easy monitoring. A range checking option also gives the ability to focus on party and raid members within range.

By opening the options menu (/QH2 or assigned keybinding) the user may choose spells from their spellbook to cast upon the corresponding party/raid member when the bars are clicked. Currently all mouse buttons may be assigned as well as their Shift, Ctrl and Alt variants.

Macros may also be assigned by prefixing the macro name with an exclamation mark (!). In order to allow macros to function the way you would expect them to when clicking on a unit's damage bar, you may use the keyword 'unit' to tell Quick Heal that you want the spell cast on the bar's unit. To cast the spell renew, you could therefore create a macro '/cast [target=unit] Renew'.

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